Broken Heart , Lost Love

How does it feel when someone walks away

How does it feel when there is nothing more to say

How does it feel when life is bereft love

How does it feel when there is no warmth left .


A beautiful relationship is from where they start

It is love and trust that connects two hearts

Every touch feels divine

Every word uttered makes the eyes gleam and shine


The world seems incomplete without him

Every feeling is a subject to whim

A glass of water brought by him shows his affection

Every heartbeat strengthens the connection .


The day starts with her beautiful smile

Which removes the boredom of the tedious files

Every minute without him is difficult to pass

Her presence feels like the fresh green grass


Amidst the crowd , her eyes search for him

One glimpse of him is so alluring

Words are not required to express each others’ feelings

For the eyes say it all

Be it the words unsaid or the company which seem intriguing


She feels the world in his arms

She feels no one will ever cause her any harm

He gives her all the love of the world

The delicate petals of love in each others’ eyes unfurl


However it is betrayal that parts them away

Misunderstandings leave nothing more to say

Their one world shatters into broken broken pieces

Their life turns into the withered leaves of green branches


It feels like a cadaver to be all alone

It feels mournful to come back to a lonely home

Every memory is intact in the heart for it to pain

Every effort to forget each other goes in vain .


Days go by and so do nights

They miss each other and the no more pesky fights

It feels somebody has jabbed the heart

It feels the soul has been broken into parts .


But life goes on and so do they

Hoping true love might come again in their way

Hoping their smile would return back .

Hoping life comes back on the right track .


Love is what connects two souls

But betrayal is what leads to callous hearts

It creates nothing but empty holes

And a bitter end to a beautiful start.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. parekhsoni says:

    I regressed to somewhere i didnt want to 😉 Nicely written !


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