Destined to Love…

This is a story of a time

When two best friends for each other for each other left their world behind

They met accidently on a ship

They didn’t know they were on their way to friendship .


When they first met they didn’t like each other

They wouldn’t have imagined what would happen further

Slowly as the days passed by

They talked to each other though still being very shy

As they had no option to pass the their time

Speaking to each other was the only option left behind

They started liking each other’s company soon

They talks were hampered by the loo of June .


They fought like small kids everyday

By evening , it was sorry they had to say

Every morning to them seemed divine

Spending time with each other was no more a pass time .

They were living lives at its best

They forgot to care about the rest .


It was only each other they thought about

Inspite of the fact that on each other they would shout

For silly reasons on which they laughed later

They knew this memorable time would come never .


Until one Day when a tremor took place

The boy broke her trust in a haste

He had no idea what the consequence would be

To him it was a real mystery .


She was shocked and nothing more to say

She decided not to talk to him any more day

One fine morning he came and asked was she angry

She refused and pretended she wasn’t free .

But when again and again she asked her the truth

‘Yes’ she said and couldn’t hide the truth


She said she had lost trust on him now

He wanted to get it back anyhow

He wrote his feelings on a letter

He she would read it and forgive him forever .


Her heart melted as she read every line

But despite that , she couldn’t make up her mind

Finally she wrote back and asked him to hate her

He said he would die but do that never

She realized he was something more than a friend

And they shared a bond that would never end .


But it wasn’t easy to join the broken bond again

They kept trying but their efforts were in vain

He repeatedly asked her , she asked him to hate her why

But to give the answer she would always deny

Misunderstandings created day by day

They lost their old life which was happy and had no dismay .


Finally the girl broke her silence

With a regret deep and immense

She did that because she thought she was frustrating

And she didn’t want to be with him and make his life dim .

But he never understood what he said

And misinterpreted every word that she said

He got angry on her for a reason she never understood

She tried to get things back on track as much as she could

But the situation got worse day by day

‘You’ve lost respect in my eyes ‘ was all he had to say


The girl was dumbstruck and she wept all alone

She decided to say sorry for the last time before going home

But he felt she was exaggerating

Every thing she said to him was frustrating

With a heavy heart , she finally decided to walk off

And that was the end of a relation so soft .


Do you think this is the end ? ..Oh no ..There is more . They were distant but their hearts were one . One day while walking on a lonely beach they suddenly came across each other ..

The Eyes said it all

So without saying a word at all

They talked to each in their own special way

So any words would hardly make a difference anyway

Memories never passed with time

They stayed  with a feeling divine

Wounds did heal with time

Everything seemed completely fine .

Back to square one , they were together

Held each other tightly and said that they would leave each other never .





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  1. parekhsoni says:

    smooth and vivid flow !


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