Diary of the Long Awaited Date !!

This is an excerpt from Shakya’s Diary after she came home mesmerized by arrows of love that Krish had thrown at her all the time they were together that night .

3rd August 2016

11 : 30 pm .

Dear Diary ,

It’s been after long that I went on a date with Krish . I was tired of the incessant fights , advices and scathing words . So I chose to avoid him for two weeks . We had not gone out for about a month as our fights always dampened any romance that brew up in our conversation . Finally Krish requested me to come along with him for a walk to my favorite park . It had been long . I think he missed me . I missed his company and his presence too . I was just waiting for him to ask . The weather was also just so beautiful . I agreed .

So at the park , he was there , I was there ; rather ย ‘ we ‘ were there . people around us didn’t matter for his eyes were too captivating for me to look at anything else . His smile too mesmerizing to appreciate anything else around . It was as if I lived all those moments in his eyes for nothing else really mattered . I didn’t want to to think what can be , what should be , what will be . I just wanted to hold his hand with my head on his shoulders and let the cool breeze take its course of love on us . And because I knew I would want that , I made him promise that we’d stay away . I wanted to experience love that existed beyond words , touch , feel and lust .

I really wished if time could halt . Then and there . Till eternity maybe . He was so close to me . I wanted him to kiss me & I wanted to hug him but the will to hold of that and yet feel the same passionate love in his eyes seemed cuter .

The cool breeze added romance to the air as my hair went to and fro with the wind . The slow movement of his hand around my ears through my hair made me almost dizzy as I felt shy yet happy and loved . A scene that seemed hypothetical yet ran across my mind a zillion times turned real . He had neatly put my hair at the back but the butterflies fluttering in my stomach wished my hair came forward again .

His eyes oozed love and made me speechless . I couldn’t say anything for I was so lost in his eyes . I didn’t want any of it to end . I just couldn’t stop smiling !

He couldn’t have looked cuter . Everything was perfect . His bespectacled eyes , my favourite shirt , his 3-day beard . No nonsense . No mean words . No third people to talk about . It was just you and me . Sheer Bliss !

I had never seen him so closely but the dim lights made him look cute and honest . I really wished that he didn’t say something insane for we had less time and fortunately he didn’t . He called me fat ( yet again ๐Ÿ˜› ) but that didn’t matter for he was right in front of me talking to me in a voice that was no less than music to my ears . That was all I could wish for at that point of time .

I wished I could put my hand through his ruffled hair ( which turned worse in his constant endeavor of setting them right ) . He touched me , reassured me that everything is going to be fine .

I just came back from my land of dreams and with a heavy heart as I had to leave . Those 10 – 15 minutes of a close yet a sober contact said a 1000 things . All lies about my true feelings that I said and all truths about his emotions that he said and I ignored .

Every moment seemed to run with the speed of light but then I lived a 1000 years each second . I couldn’t wish for more . Awesome Mausam ย and a wonderful company with whom I was caged in the bubble of love .

If Only time could halt…

If Only Time could Halt……….






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  1. parekhsoni says:

    Up close and wonderful ! Sometimes journals do that ๐Ÿ˜‰


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