Bandits of Ayodhya !

So you think the Babri Masjid Case is the only issue that creates fear in the mind of people of Ayodhya ?

Well , you are certainly wrong ! Ayodhya has bandits that create terror in lives of people everyday . They look cute – they are all around and are certainly more nefarious than they look ! We evolved from them and hence our innate smartness is something they possess too . Infact , at times , we act like numbwits due to the excessive stress that is encompassing our lives but these fellas retain their smartness to fool us .

They are none other than the Monkeys of Ayodhya . They were believed to be a part of Hanuman Ji ‘s army and they do possess such qualities : they are robust , smart and fearless . You can find them everywhere – on the trees , in the temples etc .

In general , they are innocuous . They don’t intend to harm . They just intend to have the delicious prasad ( sweet ) that you are offering to the deity. If you are good enough to peacefully leave it for them , they won’t bother you . But if you use your means to save it from their eyes by hiding it in saris and shirts , then they are also smart enough to take away your slippers and return them only in exchange for prasad . They will sit at location where all they can’t be harmed .


They carefully watch all the puja and offerings offered to God . They just wait for an opportune time and then lick the God clean . They are oblivious of the piousness with which God is prayed by his followers .

They are not beggers . They never beg . They may steal but they never beg . Some of them have an attitude like Sardar Khan . Woh ‘ keh ke lenge ‘ . They will look into your eyes , show you the mangoes you bought and run away before you can react .

Also , they don’t discriminate . They don’t judge you . They don’t care whether you’re poor or rich or whether you’re a brahmin or a baniya . They believe in social equality . To them , you are merely a source of delicious food .

They are fashion savvy . So don’t be surprised if you see your sunglasses or wallets with them . They are smart enough to understand your love for mobile phones and so they pick mobile phone as the new thing for a handsome reward .

So next time you go to Ayodhya , be prepared with some intelligent strategies if you want to come back wearing your own slippers with the prasad you offered !! 🙂


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  1. parekhsoni says:

    I have a question for you – You saw Monkey,Monkey Saw you.Monkey had banana in his hand,Monkey threw banana at You and hit Your head.Why? 😉


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