Child Birth she can Survive But She Can’t Drive !

Gender Equality is the new thing in.We talk about it.The Government as well as the private organisations are doing their best to treat men and women equally and help women grow in all spheres.Yet there are some activities that are believed that women can’t do.One of them is “DRIVING”.She can give birth to a child,serve in the army,be a CEO but can’t drive!

The irony of life is that this isn’t just a man’s thought.Women too , tend to keep precaution with fellow women drivers.A man would be stared at if he is driving a BMW or an Audi or any of the sister luxury cars but women have an advantage here : they will be stared at even if they are driving a Maruti Suzuki 800.One horn can easily take more than a minute for the autowala  rickshaw wala to actually give a woman a side.And if by God’s the woman is pretty,then the head turning various angles to catch every glimpse of her is more than just obvious. Statements like ” Arey , ladki hai , sambhal ke chalna ” or ” Arey waah , Madame gaadi chala rahi hai ”  are some lines that almost every woman driver must’ve heard . Some people look at women drivers with admiration ; with a perspective that they are doing something extraordinary ; maybe creating a revolution !

Stereotyping that a woman can’t drive is just like stereotyping that a man looks feminine when he wears pink ! You’d rarely find a woman driving her car at top speed nearly crushing you but even then , the myth that women are bad drivers just doesn’t seem to resolve ! People need to understand that not all women fix lipsticks while driving or confuse directions .

At times I take it in a good spirit . I feel it is probably because we are the colorful ones ! We are worth  being ogled at ! The status of an Audi and girl is the same ! That accounts for something – we ‘re both classy ! So no matter what people say , Women will continue to be good and interesting drivers !


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