Diary Of The Long Awaited Date : Krish’s Side of The Story

This is an expert from Krish’s diary after he was overjoyed that Shakya agreed and came along on a date so that they could re -kindle their long lost romance .

3rd August 2016


Dear Diary,

It had been a long since I had seen her face. Since I had moved to this new place, our conversations had been everything far from romance. Any conversation would turn into a quarrel with an abrupt end. There was a lot of EGO for anyone to handle. But this is part and parcel of a strong relationship and so I wanted to set everything right .

I still remember that day when she had told me that she would love to go to Unicornland someday. I somehow managed my meetings so that I do not miss even a single moment to be with her. I just wanted to maximize my time with her. I desperately wanted to meet her because given the endless fights we had , only God knew that when we would meet again or not .

The meeting last night had gone into wee hours in the morning because I wanted to complete everything so that there would be no disturbance from office. I went back home, had a power nap and got up soon because her flight was going to land in an hour. I finished all my morning chores soon and wore her favorite black T-shirt with my 3 day old looking beard with which she had fallen in love with. It was going to be HER day.

I had booked a Mercedes for I wanted to make her feel like a princess which she already was. Unlikely , I came to the the airport on time but God had mischievious plans. As I was about to enter the terminal, I found that her plane would arrive on different terminal. I rushed back to my car, andasked the driver to take me to another terminal. Each minute seemed like a decade to me as punctuality was in her blood and if I would have reached late , I would be the most unpunctual person she would have ever met.

But by God’s grace , the flight got delayed. I was eager to see her and be mesmerized by her looks. Those were the longest twenty minutes of my life.

Finally I could see her. Her new white dress, her pants, her open hair with the streaks, her black eyes,her earrings, her ever beautiful smile which always compelled me to smile and be happy . Everything seemed picture perfect. I was awestruck by her looks. But being a North Indian, I was too shy and arrogant to tell her the same . I wanted to hug her and hold her hand tightly so that no one could part us away but what I ended holding was her bags

We decided to go to the famous Green Park of Unicornland. It was a great park with open air cafes and a lake besides it. The cool breeze was making her hair flow which in turn making romance flow through my veins. We got down and started walking towards the Cafe. As usual, she gave me the opportunity to choose the cafe and the seat for I have always been very particular about them. I chose an Old American Cafe for I thought that it would be empty and we would spend some quality time just to ourselves .

But it turned out to be house full with only one seat.The waiter greeted my princess and we ordered chocolate shakes. Her hair was flowing. I gathered all the courage and helped her to put her hair behind her ears. She closed her eyes and a strange current flew within me. Our emotions spoke everything we wanted to say to each other and hence we were quiet yet talking a lot .

She was sitting just besides me and there were two Krish inside me. One Krish who wanted to stay in the present and enjoy her companionship and the other who thought whether this was ephemeral or would stay forever . I was highly confused and as usual I looked at her and all the confusion ended. She always had this mesmerizing healing smile which always put an end to all my worries .

I put my hand on her hand so that it would appear that I was consoling her but actually I was saying to myself that I Iove this girl and no one on this earth would ever part us apart. I knew she would have also felt the same but she usually chose to remain silent .

I just wished that the moment never ended. But the meddling waiter waiter intervened and served our chocolate shakes. We had our chocolate shakes and she got her milky mustaches. I helped  her wipe her mustaches which was the romantic opportunity for me to be close to her . I could see her eyes as deep as the ocean. I just wanted to hold her face within my hands and give her a gentle peck on her lips. Even after so many days of missing her , I could still remember her face, hair, etc as vividly as if we had been meeting everyday. I wanted to make this day one of the most memorable days of her life.

I wanted to spend each day like this but alas ! I always had this habit of ruining all our talks and meetings which I regretted but could not change .

I wanted to say many things but I forgot everything I had thought about. I was in her Unicornland, mesmerized by her looks and the care she had always shown me. I was going to miss all this but I was thinking about the present (a rare quality which she had taught me). I started blabbering about all the feelings I had for her that I never intended to make her sad, that I had missed her a lot, that I would love her till eternity, that she was one in a million .

Initially she listened patiently but when she saw it was being difficult for me to speak she just silenced me with her hand on my mouth. She said that she knew everything and asked be to live the present which was Picture Perfect !

She always had this amazing ability to make anyone happy and forget about their current worries. She always had this unique ability to hide her worries under an invisible cloak and also absorb other people worries.

She saw her watch and it was the time to go. Her watch had always  been my biggest enemy. I just wanted the time to freeze. We came out and I somehow convinced her to walk so that I could spend more time with her. The only thing I wanted at that time was spending some more time with her. We walked along the road talking about various illogical things but we were together and happy and that was sufficient for both of us .

And anyway , love and logic never go hand in hand .

I dropped her home , came back but was too happy to eat . That divine feeling lingered even as I came back . So i opened my diary to pen down the moments that I would cherish forever .. I hope this turns out to be a turning point of what I have with her and we enjoy a lifetime of togetherness .



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  1. parekhsoni says:

    Nice ! really liked it 😀


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