That Last Day !

Myra woke up in a grumpy mood . She had fought with Anirudh again. She had loved him for past 2 years but over a period of time , she had become dominating and would get upset even on trivial issues .

It was a weekend and mummy was making aloo parathas as usual.  The aroma of butter vented Myra’S anger away . She quickly got ready and had mummy’S aloo parathas served with loads of butter and love . The morning now seemed beautiful to her .

The sky was cloudy and the waves of the sea rose higher and higher singing its own song . Myra aspired to be like the sea . She wanted to rise and rise – be it in her career or her relationship . She had never known what it meant to relax .

She had a good job but even that wasn’t enough . She wanted a higher package.  She was studying to get into the top B – School now . Helping her get into one of the premiere colleges was all she asked from God . All the time .

As she was studying on the terrace , she could hear the sea roaring . A bit too loud .  It was as if the sea was going to come near her .

A Tsunami warning had already been issued in that area but her family didn’t vacate as her father’S shop was in that area.  Besides , she didn’t want to leave either . She was very comfortable in this house.  She didn’t want to settle for a smaller place .

The constant roaring of the sea instilled fear in her . She rushed downstairs and told her mother what she had observed . ‘ This might be our last day ‘ was all her mom had to say.  Perplexed , she switched on the radio .

Almost every channel announced the coming of a devastating tsunami in that region soon . She looked outside again . She knew the end was near .

She could see her death coming with full force.  She rushed to find her phone . She wanted to call and apologize to Anirudh for all the mean things she had done and said . She wished she had some more time with him.

She wished she could’ve spent some more time with him . She wished she had gone out all the times he had asked her to come along with him instead of delving into books to satisfy her insatiable greed for money , power and fame . But it was too late to realize all this now . She couldn’t find her phone .

She ran around the house looking for her mother and brother . She saw her brother clung to her mother.  She wished she hadn’t scolded him and fought with on trivial issues . She looked around for her father but he was no where to be found . She realized that all her wishes would remain unfulfilled . However there was one wish she could fulfill before she breathed her last .

She clung to her mother and said ” I love you ” . Her mother hugged her too . The force of the sea separated the three of them and within seconds , she could see everything floating in front of her eyes . The doll that her father had gifted  her , her favorite story books that father got for her when she was angry . She never thanked him for whatever he had done for her . A regret she would carry to her grave . She wanted to get out and breathe . She realized that oxygen was more important than the career she was running behind .

She wished if she had prayed God for everyone’s well being . If only she had one more day .. If only she had one more day …

She wondered how could she hear her alarm despite being in water . After some minutes , she woke up . So it was a dream ! She was alive !! She was alone in her room .

She rushed to the Puja Room and thanked God and asked him for forgiveness . Then she ran to her mummy , hugged her . She baked cakes for everyone , wrote Thank You on it and gave it to her mother and brother . After that she went to her father’s shop . She had made lassi for him . He was touched by her concern . She thanked him . He kissed her on her forehead and thanked the lord for blessing him with a daughter like her . After she left , she called Anirudh and asked him to meet her .

She had baked a cake for him too . He too , like the others , was surprised .

Anirudh : Oh My God ! Have I forgotten some day ? Is it your birthday , my birthday , your parents’ anniversary , my parents’ anniversary , our 3 month anniversary , our 6 month anniversary , your dog’s birthday or my cat’s birthday ?

Myra : It is the day when I want to say that I am sorry for making all the mistakes I have made . It is day when I want to tell you that I love you and would never want to lose you .

Anirudh ( hugging her ) : I love you too . Thanks a lot !

They enjoyed the cake . That one nightmare taught Myra a lot . She had a wider perspective on understanding things now .

This might just be a story but it has been an unfortunate reality and has taken away the lives of many .

Life is precious . Life is short . Live it before he takes it ! Thank him for what he has given than for what he took because there are always bigger problems 🙂

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  1. parekhsoni says:

    Thank you for this thought ! 😀

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    1. shilpadennis says:

      Thank you for Reading !! 😀


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