Ping !

A Sweet Story with a cute Ending ! 🙂


“End to End
Let it be known
As the story unfolds
A love so meaningless of a heart so lifeless
Knows the secret
The world beholds
End to End”


“Hey Saurabh ! How are you?” It was a message from Mili,a colleague from office.

Sourabh was going through the pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend.He ignored Mili’s message thinking that it would be regarding some office work.
There was no other thought in his mind than that of Maya,the misery he was experiencing while missing her was excruciating.His heart felt so heavy that he couldn’t even breathe properly.There were couple of sleeping pills left.The only way he could sleep was with the help of these little Devils.That night he braved his feelings and decided not to take the pills.Sheets rustled all night and his thoughts with them.

He would swedge with his heart,so it would let him work and…

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