The Newly Married Couple!

Miara had finally agreed for an arrange marriage and her parents had started hunting guys for her. They narrowed down to a guy . Miara’s family had gone to Delhi to meet the guy & make the guy and the girl meet each other.

They had decided to meet at the hotel where Miara’s family was staying. The guy was coming with his father as his mother was no more. Miara had mixed feelings of being excited and nervous. She had never been in such a situation before and the thought of taking drinks for someone on her own made her laugh as she was the princess of her house who did nothing .

The boy & his father arrived. Pleasantries were exchanged between the guy’s & the girl’s family. Miara’s father called out her name and asked her to come to the guestroom.

She was wearing a blue kurta and pink leggings. She had put on kajal to beautify her eyes and there were small blue earrings that made her look dainty and beautiful. Her wavy hair hung open.

Miara’s father : Come beta(chid) . Come sit with us.

Miara held the tray of glasses .

Miara (Thinking to herself ) : All right. 10 seconds is all I will get to see his front view. Miara, better focus well.

Meanwhile, Rishi thought to himself

Rishi : Engineering Graduate … I know how girls are there. Let’s see how she turns out to be. I wonder what she is doing inside.

Miara came to the guestroom with glasses of juice in her hand .

Miara : Good Morning uncle .

She took a brief look at Rishi . She took the tray towards Rishi.

Miara (in a softer tone) : Hi.

Rishi (in a soft voice) : Hi.

Miara sat on a chair near to Rishi . They both avoided eye contact as it seemed a little awkward to look at each other in front of their parents . However, they tried to take quick glimpses of each other whenever they could. They thought to themselves.

Miara (Thinking to herself) : He’s so handsome. He has a beard!! Yaay! He seems to be tall and he has such a husky voice! Mr. IITian seems to be so down to earth too.

Rishi (Thinking to himself) : She is tall. Pretty. Wow! I wonder why has she agreed for an arranged marriage. I am sure she must be having a lot of boyfriends. I am so average.

Rishi’s dad asked some questions about Miara’s education and her likes and dislikes. Rishi quietly listened and looked at her every time she replied for he knew that was the only time he could look at her. Her witty and funny answers somehow charmed him.

Miara would look at Rishi every time he laughed. There was an innocence in his smile and laughter.

After a while Miara’s Mom said

Miara’s Mom : Beta(child), why don’t you guys talk to each other too? Eventually you guys will be living together.

They both blushed.

Rishi(gathering some courage) : So what kind of work are you doing from home?

Miara (thinking to herself) : chchchch..What a geek! Out of all things that he could think of this is what he had to ask.

Miara explained her work trying hard to repress her smile and he listened to her intently. There was an awkward silence again which was filled with parent’s talking about trivial things. Finally, it was time to leave.

Rishi’s Dad : Rishi, let’s go. It’s time to leave…Unless Miara has some question to ask.

Miara blushed .

Miara : No No Uncle.

They all laughed. Miara bid goodbye to Rishi’s father.

They were all leaving. Miara and Rishi were last in line.

Miara(to Rishi)(with a smile) : It was nice meeting you.

Rishi (with a smile) : It was nice meeting you too.

Miara’s family travelled back to their location from train. During the entire journey, Miara thought about Rishi. She never believed in the concept of ‘love at first sight’ but it somehow seemed to be happening to her. His thought made her blush. She kept quiet about it as she felt shy in expressing her feelings to her parents but she quietly enjoyed their conversation about him.

Few days later, Rishi’s father gave a call and said that they would be pleased to welcome Miara to the family. Miara’s family was happy and they gleefully said that they too wished to have Rishi as their Son in law. Rishi’s father requested to plan the wedding within a month.

Time flied and since Miara & Rishi were both introverts, they hadn’t exchanged their numbers & didn’t talk much before their wedding. So they actually didn’t know much about each other.

Their wedding was a simple and sweet affair. After the wedding,Rishi had to go to Miara’s room to rest for the night. When he entered Miara’s room, he saw her removing her earrings by looking in the mirror. As he moved towards her walking very slowly and cautiously so that he doesn’t disturb her, Miara saw him and turned towards him.

They looked at each other. It was weird. This was the first time that they were with someone of the opposite sex alone in a room. Rishi could read jitter on Miara’s face. He said

Rishi : Friends first?

Miara smiled.

Miara : Thanks .

Rishi : Relax. So you can change her if you like. I will go to the washroom and change.

Miara : Do you want me to give you your milk?

Rishi(smiling) : I’ll will have it if I want. Besides, I don’t think I need it for any sort of energy today.

They both laughed. He went inside and changed .

Rishi : I think you must be tired. Shall we sleep for now?

Miara (confused) : Uhmmm..Okay sure..

They came to the bed and lied down first facing away from each other . It was awkward as they couldn’t sleep and the table lamps were on. After 10 minutes of hesitation, they faced each other. It was odd. They smiled at each other.

Rishi : Missing the pillow you would hug every night to sleep?

Miara (chuckling) : A little ( winks ). But I am sure, in a few days from now, I won’t miss it.

Rishi : Even I hope we don’t.

Rishi extended and curved his little finger towards Miara. Miara smiled and curled her little finger around his.

Rishi : Finally married.

Miara : And will be happily married soon.

They smiled and looked at each other and didn’t realize when sleep took over their gaze.

In the evening, after many ceremonies,finally, it was time for Miara to depart. She left. When they reached Rishi’s house, she could feel the absence of a woman. Unlike her house, Rishi’s house was quiet. The house was a big 2 BHK in the heart of Delhi but it lacked the liveliness and warmth that a woman could fill in a house to make it a home.

Rishi’s Dad warmly welcomed both of them. Miara’s thoughts about the house were broken as a cute Labrador puppy who came and pulled her salwar. Miara was a dog lover and so she immediately bent towards him.

Miara(bending towards him) : Ohh my God! You are shhho KkkUute (so cute)! What’s your name baby?

Rishi : Bruno.

The dog kept licking and jumping on Miara.

Miara : Hi Bruno. Hi Baby. You’re so handsome!

Rishi was amazed by the cute way in which she was talking to Bruno.

Rishi : And so naughty.

Miara : But shhho KkkUute (so cute)! I am sure we’re going to be buddies soon.

Papa : Miara beta(child), make yourself comfortable. This is your room & Rishi’s room.(He gestured towards Miara’s room) . I am sure you must be tired. I will take care of Bruno & you people can rest.

Bhola was their servent. He felt left out.

Bhola : Bhaiya, Memsahib ko humse nai milwaaoge ? (Sir, Won’t you introduce me to Ma’am?)

Rishi : Oh Sorry. Miara, this is Bhola, our home maker.

Miara : Namaste Bhola Ji! I am going to take your position soon. But first, you will have to teach me everything.

Bhola : Arey bilkul Memsahib! ( Oh sure Ma’am)

Miara : And no memsahib(ma’am)..Call me didi (sister)

Rishi(in a defensive tone) : Please don’t. Miara, he calls me Bhaiya(brother). Don’t make me your brother now!

Rishi’s dad smiled seeing his son’s action. Miara requested Papa to allow Bruno to be with them as it won’t be a problem. He agreed & Rishi took Miara to his room. She was shocked. The room was in a mess. One jeans was lying on the sofa. The bed was messy with all sort of gadgets on it. Rishi felt embarrassed.

Rishi : Actually, we were in a hurry to go to your place na, that’s why I didn’t have time to clean up.

Before he could finish, Bruno came with one of his underwear in his mouth.

Rishi(turning red and snatching his underwear from Bruno) : Uhmm…I told you na, he is a naughty dog.

Miara half smiled trying to repress her smile at the scene. It almost seemed as if a cyclone had come in his room and misplaced everything. After an hour’s effort, they made the room tidy and cleaned the almirah’s. Miara got glasses of water for them.

Rishi : I am sorry you had to see that and do that.

Miara : That’s okay. I know what all to buy now (winks) .

They slept after a while.

The next morning was the beginning of a usual morning at their house as Papa and Rishi both went off to work. When RIshi came back, they was shocked!

The house had undergone a major makeover. Miara went with Papa for shopping and bought new and funky cushions & accessories from Chumbak ( . There were beautiful lampshades that were hanging & some green pots which had fresh flowers grown in them.

There was an aroma of cake in the house. He felt happy to see the change. But as he entered the kitchen, he was a little shocked.

Miara was wearing a long t-shirt that was a little above the knee. Her hair were tied in a bun. Though she looked extremely hot and he was instantly turned on, he felt conscious when he saw in the kitchen with Bhola .

Rishi (thinking to himself) : I wonder what Mom would have said had she seen her this way. She is looking so cute & Hot….( he saw his dad coming from the washroom). Rishi, focus. You need to talk to her about this. Had mummy been alive, she would have died of shame. You have to tell her.

When they were both alone in the room, he tried to ask her.

Rishi : Miara, do you wear such a night suit at your home too?

Miara (very casually focusing on the TV) : Yes.

Rishi : Matlab(I mean),there is nothing below this?

Miara :Absolutely not.

Rishi : What!

Miara (still looking at the TV) : Ya.

Rishi : Can I say something if you won’t mind & won’t think I am against humanity?

Miara(finally looking at him giving her attention) : Oh yay a. Shoot.

Rishi (clearing his throat and gulping again & again): Well…Uhm..Actually, the thing is… Can you please put on a pyjama(bottom wear) the next time you go out when Bhola & papa are there? They are both not used to seeing such sexy legs . They will become nervous around you.

Miara started laughing.

Miara : I don’t know whether you are commenting or complimenting, but I will wear a pyjama(bottom wear) the next time I am out.

Rishi : Thanks.That would be great. But also, when you are in the room, you can wear anything. Even if you don’t want to wear anything, it will be totally cool.

Miara stared at him and laughed.

Miara : CHchchc..So desperate.

Rishi : Not desperate. Curious .(winks) By the way, Thanks for the cake. It was delicious.

Miara : I wanted you to have something sweet from my hand first and anyway, making cakes is all I know.

Rishi : Well , Mom would have asked you to make kheer, but even cake was a brilliant idea! Thanks.

They both looked at each other & smiled.

The next day Rishi decided to buy a kurta for her with a Thank you note for decorating the house & for baking the cake. He came home with the present in the evening & quietly handed it over to her expecting her to smile.

Miara(opening the present) : Thank you so much for the nice gesture. This is just so..

As she unwrapped she saw a fuchsia colored kurta. She never wore that color as she felt it was too bright. She was a little shocked.

Miara(trying hard to maintain the chirpiness in her voice) : B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Rishi understood.

Rishi : Let me guess. This is not your color.

Miara(with an apologetic expression) : I am so sorry.

Rishi(with a smile) : That’s okay. I have the bill. You can get it exchanged whenever you are free.

Miara : I would never do that. It’s not my color but it’s my first present from you. I am sure it will become my color soon.

They passed a warm smile at each other.

Every day was a different experience for them. It was a Sunday. Miara decided to get up early and take a bath. Before these men got up, they could hear Disco songs being played in their bathroom. The father – Son duo got up with a start and looked at each other.

Papa (pointing towards the bathroom) : Bahu? (Daughter In Law)

Rishi : What do you think she is doing ?

Papa : Dancing ?

Rishi (embarrassed) : Papa, you rest. I will sort this out.

Rishi peeped through a small hole in the door which no one else was aware of . She was indeed dancing . Rishi got so mesmerized that he forgot the agenda and when Miara opened the door, she knocked him down by the door.

Miara : Oh My God! What happened!

Miara lifted him from the ground.

Rishi ( to avoid his embarrassment) : Errrr… I wanted to go to the bathroom. I was half asleep. So I didn’t realize you were there.

Miara : You have bruised your skin near the eye. Come let me give you a cold compression.

As Miara gave him a cold compression, he looked at her. Water droplets dropped like pearls from her hair. She looked very cute in a simple pink kurta. He wanted to lean forward and kiss her but he didn’t have the courage.

Miara : Is it any better?

Rishi : Oh it’s great.

Miara : Okay fine then. I am sure you will be okay in an hour.

She said so & walked up.

Rishi : Oh sorry sorry. I meant I am not feeling okay. Can you please put it for some more time?

Miara looked at him and smiled. She gently put the cold compression near his eye and looked into his eyes. There were many things that their eyes talked about.

When she was leaving, he held her hand.

Rishi : By the way, your hips don’t lie.

Miara ( blushing & smiling) : Ya they don’t. They just damage the eye of those who secretly watch.

Smiling and blushing she left. When she almost reached the door she said

Miara : By the way, did you like it?

Rishi : Loved it.

When Rishi took a bath and came out, he came from the other door of the bathroom . He was oblivious of Miara’s presence in the room and was roaming around naked to find his clothes. As Miara turned around and saw him naked, she screamed.

Miara : Aaaaaaaa…

She quickly covered her eyes .

Rishi : What happened?! Is there a lizard?

Miara : No! But you are naked!

Rishi : So??

Miara : Come on. We’re married . We are not in love yet. Put something on quick.

Rishi smiled at her notion and quickly put on his clothes.

Rishi : I’ve never seen a girl shouting for this.

Miara : Not that it wasn’t a pleasure to watch, it was just that I have a rule.

Rishi ( interested and smiling) : Which is?

Miara : Consummate the relation when you are in love. The make out is memorable then.

Rishi : I can agree to this.

They smiled at each other again.

Sparks of love flew around the house as they slowly came closer to each other in small and sweet ways.

Miara was an ardent dog lover and so she would always encourage Bruno to jump on their bed and they would cuddle and watch TV whenever Rishi got ready for office. It used to annoy Rishi since he felt his paws wouldn’t be clean and that Bruno was being over pampered. He kept tolerating and gave Miara subtle hints but she would just ignore them. One day, he finally lost his http://cool.As he came out of the washroom, he spoke in a stern voice

Rishi: Miara, how many times will I have to tell you not to allow him on the bed. He will become a brat.(Almost shouting on Bruno). Get down Bruno. GET DOWN!

He meekly got down. Miara was shocked at the behavior. The entire day Rishi felt guilty for shouting on Miara. When he came back, he saw Miara & Bruno sitting on the floor quietly watching TV. He came & sat next to Miara.

Miara : The bed is all yours.

Rishi : But I like it here.

Miara looked at Rishi.

Rishi : I am sorry.

Miara : You should be for shouting on such an innocent animal.

Rishi found Miara’s anger very cute.

Rishi : Accha(Okay) , what do you hate the most about me?

Miara : Your name.

Rishi(surprised) : What!

Miara : I am serious. Kaisa naam hai baba adam ke zamaane types?!(what kind of an ancient name is this)

Rishi laughed.

Rishi : Oh ya right. Actually when I was born my parents gave me an option – Mahesh, Suresh or Rishi & I chose Rishi. Now you were not there na else I would have been lucky enough to be Rocky or Sandy..

Miara couldn’t control her laughter. She looked at him lovingly.

Rishi : I am really sorry.

Miara : That’s okay.

As each day passed, they were getting closer to each other with all the signals that their hearts gave them.

One day, Bhola took leave to go his village. Miara decided to cook khichdi as it seemed to be the easiest to make. But unfortunately, she did not know how to use a pressure cooker. So when it started whistling with the steam , she got scared. She called Rishi .

Miara(in a scared voice) : Rishi can you please come home? I am expecting an explosion in the house soon!

Rishi : What! I will be there soon!

He told his boss that he had to go for a while. His boss smiled.

Boss : Newly married?

Rishi : yes Sir.

Boss : Take the day off and help her out.

Rishi was surprised..He opened his mouth to say Thank you.

Boss : Don’t thank me. Been there, done that(winks)

Rishi rushed home. There were morsels of Khichdi all around the kitchen. Bruno was sitting scared under a sofa. As Miara saw Rishi, she instantly ran and hugged him.

Miara : I am sorry. It will never happen again.

Rishi : That’s okay. Relax. First tell me, are you okay?

Miara looked into his eyes.

Miara : Ya.

Rishi(smiling): Than nothing else matters. We’ll sort this out.

They continued looking at each other. Miara could feel those magnetic currents that attracted her towards him. She felt shy and immediately parted away. They cleaned the kitchen and Rishi patiently taught her how to cook Khichdi.

After a few days, Rishi had to go for a 3 day workshop from office.

Miara felt really lonely. She talked to Bruno as she caressed him.

Miara : Do you miss him? I do. A lot.

There was a ping on her phone.

Rishi : Hey…Sorry for the late text.. Dad must’ve slept. So I didn’t call. How are you?

Miara : I am okay. How are you? By the way, Bruno is missing you.

Rishi : Oh really! Because If I be honest, I am missing you 🙂

Miara’s heart skipped many beats.

Miara : Shall I make a confession?

Rishi : Ya .

Miara : I didn’t believe in Love at first sight but with you, I think that’s what happened to me.Your beard, your smile , your demeanor . I really wondered why I couldn’t get over it all the time I was in the train.

Rishi gasped as he read the message. He closed his eyes as he reminisced the moment when they had met. After gaining composure, he replied

Rishi : I do believe in love at first sight because it did happen when I saw you.

Miara gulped.

Miara : Why didn’t you ever confess anything ?

Rishi : Beauty can be intimidating.

Miara : Just like intelligence.

Rishi : Haha..

Miara : I wasn’t so intimidated though. I am sapiosexual.

Rishi : Even I am 😉 . By the way, you never confessed either.

Miara : I felt it was always evident.

Rishi : Ya. Your eyes speak volumes . I can stay in them forever.

Miara breathed hard. These feelings were things that they felt about each other yet they never expressed.

Rishi : I want to kiss you someday.

Miara : Where ? 😉

Rishi : Haha..Wherever you can imagine 😉

Miara : Haha..No. I want you to be specific.

Rishi : I want to kiss you neck, back, legs, thigh…

Miara gasped. She could virtually feel those kisses all over her.

Miara : Okay Okay..Stop

Rishi : Haha.. you have unleashed a beast.

Miara : No.

Rishi : No really. Someday, I imagine a situation where all this awkwardness goes & we are one. We are close to each other ; chest to chest with each over me…and we just keep looking into each other forever…

Miara breathed heavily again. She wished it would all happen in real.

Miara : Me on top?Won’t you feel emasculated? 😛

Rishi : No. I like my girl strong 😉

Miara : I am missing you all the more now. Come soon.

Rishi : I will. P.S : I love you..<3

Miara : :*

Rishi : Waiting for the real one now 😉

Miara looked at the messages again and again. She couldn’t sleep the entire night.

Post this conversation, their bodies craved for each other. When Rishi came back, he took Miara inside the room.

They looked at each other as they came closer. They were chest to chest. Rishi caressed her cheek and slowly bended towards her to kiss her lips. She left out a light groan and then leaned forward to kiss him back. They kissed each other as they finally felt that they loved each other.

Rishi’s hand slid in Miara’s blouse.

Miara : Not now sweetheart. Papa is in the next room.

Rishi : I have waited long enough darling. I want to be one with you.

Miara (gasping) : I want to be in you,(gasping & kissing) with you but darling (kissing again) , but without being conscious . (cupping his face and looking into his eyes) I want to be loud & free and not careful.

Rishi breathed heavily. They kissed again till they were out of breathed. Rishi said

Rishi : You are right. I will plan something.

Rishi somehow planned his father’s trip to his elder brother’s house. He was very happy .

As his dad was leaving,

Miara : I will miss you papa(dad) . Come soon.

Rishi : Papa(dad) , take your time. Bhaiya(brother) was missing you. I had to plan this.

Papa : Son, I will take time. Don’t you worry.(winks)

They both blushed. On their way back from the airport,

Miara : You are so cheap. Why did you ask papa to take his time. I am sure he would have understood.

Rishi : That’s okay. I am glad he knows.

Saying so, he put his hand on Miara’s hand . They interlocked their hands. When they reached home, they were both alone for the first time. They looked into each other as they held each other’s hand.

Rishi : This is it.

Miara’s heart beat grew faster. She blushed and looked away.

Rishi : I love you.

Miara closed her eyes and exhaled.

Miara ( looking into him) : I love you too.

Rishi leaned forward and gently kissed her neck as she run her hand through his thick hair. That night, they finally consummated their relationship as husband & wife. As they lay in each other’s arms

Rishi : What is the best thing about having an arrange marriage ? It took so long for us to be one.

Miara : That’s the beauty. It took long. Long enough for us to realize how little things brought us close . How our dislikes brought together a common like. In a love marriage, love ends when marriage begins. In an arrange marriage, love begins as marriage begins.

Rishi (smiling) : You’re right.

Rishi kissed Miara on her forehead again and they spent the night in each other’s arms.


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