The Newly Married Couple : Love Diaries : Take Two

Miara had finally agreed for an arrange marriage and her parents had started hunting guys for her. They narrowed down to a guy . Miara’s family decided to meet the guy & make the guy and the girl meet each other.

They had decided to meet at the hotel where Miara’s family was staying. The guy was coming with his father as his mother was no more. Miara had mixed feelings of being excited and nervous.

The boy & his father arrived. Pleasantries were exchanged between the guy’s & the girl’s family. Miara’s father called out her name and asked her to come to the guestroom.

She was wearing a blue kurta and pink leggings. She had put on kajal to beautify her eyes and there were small blue earrings that made her look dainty and beautiful. Her wavy hair hung open.

As they exchanged pleasantries, Miara stealthily looked at Rishi. He was looking dapper in a blue checked shirt that he had paired with a pair of blue Jeans. Rishi & Miara both seemed to be shy as their parents talked.

Miara’s Dad : Our girl is very intelligent. She has been a topper throughout school & college and has won many awards too.

Miara was not a big fan of bragging as she believed in humility. She turned red and wanted to shout on her dad for saying such things about her.

Rishi’s Dad : My son has also been a topper at IIT and got one of the highest packages in his batch.

As the parents bragged about their daughter and son, they both kept glancing at each other.

After the awkward meeting, they formally bid good bye to each other. However Rishi was on Miara’s mind. There was something very charming about him. She wanted to meet him. After 2 hours of dedicated effort, she finally sent him a friend request on facebook.

She tried hard to concentrate on other things but her mind would always go to her mobile & she kept checking her facebook account. After 2 hours, Rishi accepted her request & she greeted that message with a smile.

Miara decided to text him.

Miara :
Just in case you fail to recognize me, I am Miara,the awkward girl you met yesterday. I just wanted to get in touch with you to tell you that I am not at all the way my parents described me : I am just an average Indian .
Just wanted to clear in the air because I felt you would have made a lot of misconceptions about me. And just in case you think I am stalker, I am not. It is just that I can’t live with accepting the fact that somebody made a wrong perception about me.
Have a great evening

Miara received a reply from Rishi within a few minutes.

Rishi :
Hi Miara… 
Of course I remember you! My Memory isn’t that weak . First of all, BREATHE!!
Secondly, I didn’t make any wrong notions about you. Your humility depicts that you’re intelligent . However, I wouldn’t mind if we could meet up to clear in the air.

Miara had a smile on her face as she read the text.

Miara : Okay sure . Tomorrow, 11 am at United Coffee House, CP.

Rishi : Sounds Great !! See you then.

The next morning as Rishi entered the coffee house , he saw Miara waiting there already. She was wearing a red top & blue jeans with small earrings that complemented her top. She looked a little different from how she did the last time he had seen her but she looked beautiful. Rishi was wearing a blue t-shirt and faded jeans unlike his formal attire a day before.

Miara got up as she saw Rishi enter and greeted him with a smile. When they both sat down, Miara started.

Miara : This seems better.

Rishi : Way Better!

Miara : Okay. So let’s start again. Hi. I am Miara – not intelligent but smart, not pretty but funny, not too sanskaari but entertaining (gesturing a hand shake).

Rishi (laughing) : Well, that’s quite an introduction.

Miara : That’s the easiest way I could tell you everything.

Rishi smiled. They ordered cold coffee for each other. They both enjoyed each other’s company. When the waiter got the bill, Miara snatched it from him & paid it.

Rishi : Oh! I was the one who gave the idea.

Miara : That’s okay. There are very few days that I get to treat charming men (winks).

Rishi : Compliment & Treat from such a pretty & witty girl. I think today is my lucky day.

Miara smiled. They got up and started walking outside.

Miara : Well, I know we are not going to meet again. So I can be honest. Well, you are actually quite handsome but you should keep your shoulders straight. That’ll make you look taller & more handsome.

Rishi laughed.

Rishi : Well, what if I say I would want to meet you again & again?

Miara looked at him with a confused expression.

Rishi : I am not saying I am in love but there is definitely some connect between us. I would want to take this forward. Will you marry me?

Miara : Can’t say No to such a charming man.

Rishi smiled.

They got married to each other within a month. They didn’t get to interact a lot during that period.

After the marriage was over, Rishi entered the room where Miara was waiting for him in bridal clothes. She looked a little confused and worried. Rishi smiled as he looked as her. She smiled too.

Rishi : Friends before Lovers?

Miara(elated at the thought) : Deal!

Miara changed and they both slept soon.

During the Bidai (parting) ceremony, as Miara sobbed in the car, Rishi looked behind the car & offered her a tissue.

Miara : Thanks.

She kept sobbing and Rishi kept handing more tissues to her.

Miara : Don’t you have a handkerchief ?

Rishi : I do but I cleaned my nose in it.

This made Miara laugh a little.

As she entered her new house, she could feel the absence of a lady as the house was quiet even though her father-in-law had tried her best to light up the place. She promised to make it a cheerful place.

When Rishi arrived home the next evening, he was pleasantly surprised. His house had a lot of colors and the beautiful home décor made his house look like a home. Miara’s father-in-law appreciated her effort over dinner.

When Miara and Rishi came back to their room, a fragrance mesmerized Rishi. He turned around and saw that Miara was applying some orange colored lotion.

Rishi (clearing his throat) : Uhm..Miara, is this a lotion?

Miara : Ya. Why? Don’t you like it ?

Rishi : I really like it. I wanted to ask something else too.

He went to the washroom and got a basket that Miara had kept. It had a lot of colorful bottles and some bathing soaps.

Rishi : Well, there was enough aroma to mesmerize me in the washroom. I just wanted to know what all is this?

Miara (smiling) : Sure.

Rishi : Okay..So what’s this?Smells like chocolate..

Miara : It is Shea Butter Chocolate Moisturizer . It is good for the skin.

Rishi : Okay..what about this?

Miara : This is Strawberry Body wash. One of My favorites.

Rishi : Okkkkaayyy..Well, this smells great. What about this soap?

Miara : This is green apple flavored soap.

She went on and patiently explained the content of each of the bottles. Towards the end

Miara : By the way, you can easily make out what is there in what by reading the cover.

Rishi : Please! This is so confusing . I could just make out one thing – good fragrance, good fragrance & good fragrance. All I ever smelled was cologne.

Miara(laughing) : Never been committed?

Rishi : After this, I am pretty sure you know the answer. Anyway, I am sure I am in for a fragrant treat everyday.

Miara : Treat?

Rishi : Someday you’ll be mine na (know). Till then, I can enjoy vicarious pleasure.

They looked in each other’s eyes. Miara blushed and looked away.

Every passing day brought them closer in small but sweet ways.

One weekend, Miara was going out to get groceries. Since Rishi was at home, he decided to accompany her. As she started the car, he rushed downstairs, delved into the car & took the co-driver seat.

Miara (looking at Rishi) : I am going to the grocery store.

Rishi : I know. And I am accompanying you.

Miara : Bored of Counter Strike?

Rishi(laughing) : Ya kind of. Plus I wanted to be with my wife!

Miara blushed.

Rishi : And now that rhymes!

Miara : Don’t blame me for boring you later.

They both reached the supermarket. Miara showed the list to Rishi. It was a really long list with nearly 50 items.

Rishi (with his eyes popping out) : What does Bahadur do all day! It seems like somebody came & robbed our house.

Miara laughed.

Miara : I am pretty sure you have never done this.

Rishi(walking) : NEVER!

As they entered,Rishi had an idea.

Rishi : Miara, I think we can make this interesting . Let’s have a game. We’ll divide whatever we need to buy. Each person will get almost equal items of every category. Whoever wins , gets to make the other person do whatever they want.

Miara : Are you serious? This is so crazy & stupid.

Rishi (making a pitiful face) : Please Miara. Make this activity at least iota fun for me.

Miara melted.

Miara : Okay fine. Whatever you wish, you big kid!

Rishi : Great!

He divided the items & they started with different trollies in their hands. Initially Miara was not serious about the game but when she saw Rishi picking items quickly, she fastened her face. As she was about to finish, she bumped into someone.

Miara : Oh I am so sorr…

It was Ayaan!! Miara’s ex boyfriend.

Ayaan : That’s okay Miara. How are you?

Miara(stammering as there was a rush of thoughts) : I…am …good. What about you?

Ayaan : I am doing great. So you finally tied the knot ?

Miara : Ya.

Ayaan : You still love me , don’t you? You just gave up on me to satisfy your parents with some dumb guy.

Miara : I didn’t give up anything. It was my choice. And he is not dumb!

Miara was getting more & more uncomfortable. Rishi saw Miara talking to someone. He could make out that she wasn’t very happy. He rushed towards her.

Rishi : Miara all good ?

Miara turned around & felt relieved to hear Rishi’s voice.

Miara : Ayaan, meet Rishi, my husband.

Ayaan(shaking hands) : Nice to meet you Dude.

Rishi : Nice to meet you too. Shall we move to go home Miara. I think we are almost done.

Miara : Ya.

Miara & Rishi moved towards the billing counter.

Rishi : Ex?

Miara : Yes. It was so weird. Thanks for coming at the right time.

Rishi : I could see you were uncomfortable.

Miara : Thanks.

Rishi : I am “ The Guardian of your Galaxy” now. I ought to do this much.

Miara blushed & smiled.

Miara : chchchc…Too cheesy!

Rishi : I am okay as long as it works (winks)

Rishi gently put his arms around Miara’s waist. She took a deep breath as she felt a shiver down her spine. They got everything packed & went home.

That night, Miara’s father-in-law was watching 3 Idiots. Since he was alone, Miara & Rishi decided to join him & they sat on opposite sofas with Rishi’s dad in between. They were all laughing . Then as the following sweet song arrived Rishi started looking at Miara .

Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Pampaara Zoobi Doobi Parampam
Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Naache Kyun Paagal Stupid Mann…

Shaakhon Pe Patte Ga Rahe Hain, Phulon Pe Bhanware Ga Rahe
Deewaani Kirane Ga Rahi Hai, Yeh Panchchhi Ga Rahe
O O O Bagiya Mein Do Phulon Ki Ho Rahi Hai Guftgu
Jaisa Filmon Mein Hota Hai Ho Raha Hai Hubahu

Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Pampaara Zoobi Doobi Parampam
Zoobi Doobi Zoobi Doobi Naache Kyun Paagal Stupid Mann…

Miara looked at Rishi. She saw him staring at her. They both could feel the lyrics of the song as they knew that amidst all the serene calmness, there was a raging fire of love burning inside both of them. They were both to shy to admit it. Miara blushed and looked away but Rishi kept looking at her. Rishi’s dad looked at Rishi & smiled inside.

Rishi’s Dad : Uhm..I am feeling sleepy.

Rishi(distracted by his voice) : Even I am.

All 3 of them went to their rooms. As Rishi & Miara slept on the bed, they faced each other.

Rishi (singing) : Jaisa filmon mein hota hai..

Miara (singing) : Ho raha hai hubahu…

Rishi held Miara’s hand and caressed it. He could feel Miara’s pulse that had lost its usual rhythm. They slept looking at each other.

In the next few days, Miara realized that Rishi suffered some indigestion and gastric issues due to faulty lunch that he had in office. One day

Miara : Rishi , I will give you lunch from home.

Rishi : That’s okay. You don’t have to. Why take all the effort?

Miara : That’s not a problem. I anyway make lunch for Papa(Dad). I will make for you as well. Please let me do this.

Rishi : Okay. Whatever keeps you happy.

The next day Miara had given him a vegetable that he didn’t like. There were chappatis(bread) in the first tiffin & tinda(apple gourd). There was a third small tiffin as well. As Rishi opened it , he smiled & ate the tinda & chappati with a smile.

The last tiffin had 2 bricks of Dairy Milk with a note :

I am sorry for the disappointing lunch . This one is because

i can read your lips,

on your fingertips,

i can feel your smile,

come on my lips,

and happiness in your eyes

Rishi was elated by the sweet gesture. At night , as the couple lied down on their bed.

Rishi : Thanks for the lunch. It was great.

Miara (with a surprised tone) : Really? I am glad.

Rishi : There was just one mistake. You forgot the most important lines of the song.

Miara : What?

Rishi (singing) : Kiss me, Close your Eyes & Miss me.

Miara blushed. She didn’t expect that coming. Rishi came close to her & cupped her face. Her heartbeat started racing and she closed her eyes. He gently kissed her forehead.

They looked at each other till Miara felt shy and parted.

Rishi : Oh by the way, I have to go for a work trip to Goa this weekend. It’s going to be short. So, I was thinking maybe we could both go , take 2-3 more off days & visit the place?

Miara : Are you sure?

Rishi : Ya. I mean the meeting won’t extend for long. It’ll be like a honeymoon for us. Most people spend it inside the hotels. We’ll spend it outside roaming around.

Miara smiled and agreed. They left for Goa soon. Rishi had booked a sea facing room on the beach.

After Rishi came from the meeting, he was surprised to see Miara in a tank top & shorts. At home, Miara was always in salwaar kameez . His jaw dropped as he entered and looked at her skin glowing in the artificial lights.

Rishi : I don’t know what to say!

Miara (laughing) : Well, this is what I always wore. Actually papa(father in law) is there in the house . So it doesn’t look good.

Rishi : We surely need to come to Goa more often.

Miara laughed.

They walked on the beach in the moonlight holding each others’ hands which gave them a warm feeling & it made them understand each other better. Those 4 days brought them closer through adventure activities, walks by the beach & romantic dinners.

It was their last day. They had planned to go for rafting. There, by some accident, Rishi fell off the raft. He held a boulder as the other people including Miara helped him get back on the raft.

When they reached back to the shore, Miara’s eyes were full of tears.

Rishi (in a concerned voice) : Are you okay?

Miara : Can we go back to the hotel?

Rishi : Ya sure.

They returned to the hotel. When Miara entered the room, she sat on the bed and tears started flowing from her eyes.Rishi ran around and got a box of tissues for her.

Miara : You still can’t lend your handkerchief !

Rishi : Actually, I cleaned my nose in it.

Miara left out a small chuckle in between her sobs.

Rishi : What happened? Why are you crying?

Miara (looking at Rishi) : Rishi, when you fall off the raft, I felt that I will lose you. That feeling itself is excruciating. I don’t want to lose you. EVER!

Warmth spread through Rishi’s heart because it was the first time Miara said something directly that expressed her love & concern for him.

Rishi (cupping her face gently wiping her tears) : You will never lose me. I will always be there for you.

Miara looked at him.

Rishi : That’s a promise.

Having said that, he got up & started walking away to get more tissues. Miara held his hand.

Miara : Rishi..

Rishi looked at her.

Miara : I love you.

Rishi closed his eyes and let out a deep breath. It was something he had started feeling for Miara long ago.

Rishi : I love you too.

They hugged each other & felt the warmth of each other’s bodies. They had dinner.

It was raining outside. Rishi had opened the window a little to let the rain droplets come in. As Miara came after taking a bath, she looked seductive in her tank top & a blue shorts. She looked at Rishi as she dimmed the lights.

She came to the bed and wrapped herself in Rishi’s arms as they both looked at the rain. Rishi gently caressed her stomach & his hand slowly moved towards her navel. She gasped and looked at him. Rishi stroked her lovingly and slowly moved his hand inside her shorts.

Miara faced Rishi , cupped his face & kissed him. As they striped each cloth off each other, love burned in their hearts & they discovered each other .Together, they finally felt they were one.

Rishi (caressing her hair) : We came to Goa as two friends but we’ll leave as a couple.

Miara : So the rain is definitely the best mood setter.

Rishi : Oh it is!

They spent the night in each other.


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