In a SKY full of STARS, I Think I See You!

Rishi & Miara met through an arrange marriage setup and after a small awkward meeting of 20 minutes along with their parents, they met alone. They enjoyed each other’s company and felt that they are both easy going people and so post the meeting, they decided to tie the knot. As Miara was working in Gujrat and Rishi was in Delhi, their parents got them engaged very soon after their meeting. They exchanged their numbers post the engagement ceremony.

Miara had reached Gandhinagar. They texted each other & decided to catch up on a call .

Miara : Hi.

Rishi : Hey! So finally we get to talk without everyone’ s ears on us.

Miara (laughing) : I know. This is like the most important yet the most random decision we’ve taken for life. We don’t even know each other that well.

Rishi : Don’t worry. We have all our lives to know each other now. We’ll make it work.

Miara(smiling) : Ya. I am positive too.

Rishi : I want you to know everything about me before marriage so that you don’t regret this. Ask me whatever you want to.

Miara : Oh I surely will. I want to start with the first question on my mind. Does Jimmy sleep with you ?

Jimmy was Rishi’s golden retriever and Miara was an ardent fan of dogs.

Rishi(laughing) : Really? Is that your first question?!

Miara : I am serious.

Rishi : Well, he sleeps with me on my bed.

Miara : Oh! Then he might not like intrusion.Dogs are really possessive.

Rishi : That’s not a problem. Jimmy is a very understanding dog. I am sure he’ll manage.

They both laughed.

They started talking to each other and Rishi started telling Miara about his experiences from college. Miara had a good sense of humor and it didn’t take long for Rishi to understand the same.

It had been more than 2 hours since they talked.

Rishi : Do you know it has been more than 2 hours since we’ve been talking?

Miara : Was I so boring that you had to check the time?

Rishi : No No. I just happened to look at the watch. You are pretty interesting. I am amazed that time flew and I didn’t realize. Otherwise, I am not a big fan of talking on the phone.

Miara : So we have something in common there. And you know, you just made me conscious there. What id I turn into a boring person someday?

Rishi : Miara, I am marrying a person not an entertainment box. So you don’t have to entertain me. I just happen to enjoy talking to you but you should never feel any pressure to keep me entertained as such.

Miara smiled.

Miara : You are actually more mature than me.

Rishi : Oh that I am!

They both laughed.

Rishi : Anyway, we should sleep. We’ll have to get to office tomorrow.

Miara : Oh Yes! Good Night.

Rishi : Good Night .

They thought of each other, smiled and slept. Some inner voice in them felt that they clicked.

She received a text early in the morning next day.

Rishi :

Hey! Morning 🙂 I hope you’re all set for work after a long vacation. Just a request, please don’t dress up too well. You might just kill many people in your office 😉 . Have a great day.

Miara saw the message as she entered the cab. She could not stop smiling at his subtle compliment.

Miara :
Good Morning. You just brightened up my morning with your sweet words ;). Don’t worry. I don’t like decking up on normal days. Besides, there are many “patakhas”(bombs) in my office. So you’re safe. No competition there.

Rishi :
Hahaha 😛 You have such misconceptions about yourself!

Miara : I think I have you now to clear them 😉

Rishi : Oh you do! 😀

So their morning started on a happy note. Almost around noon, Rishi texted Miara again.

Rishi : By the way, do you like rains?

Miara : Yes I do 🙂 And I am guessing the question must’ve cropped up because it would be raining in Delhi.

Rishi : Haha 😛 Yes it is. The weather is brilliant. I bunked office for a while to have a cup of coffee because I just couldn’t miss this weather.

Miara : Oh! It is so hot in here ! 😦 . I wish I was in Delhi too!

Rishi : Ask me about it! I wish you were in Delhi too 🙂

Miara blushed. The thought that Rishi wanted her there made her feel warmth inside her heart for him. She wished she was there with him.

At night, they called each other around 11 pm.

Miara : Let me start with the standard relationship question – Had dinner?

Rishi(laughing) : No.

Miara : Are you serious?! It is 11 pm! How come are you still not hungry? Doesn’t uncle say anything to you.

Rishi : I think Papa is a little intimidated by me now. So he let’s me be. Besides I had some Pav bhaaji with my colleagues in the evening. So I am not that hungry. And my maid has made lauki(bottle gourd). The sight of it turned me off. So I am not feeling hungry.

Miara : You know you should really have someone in life.

Rishi : I know. I need some order in my life.

Miara : Of course you do! Okay. So let today’s topic be our previous relationships.

Rishi : Oh sure! Tell me all about it.

Miara : Well, I loved a guy from my school time. A real lot but nothing could materialize and so we just parted ways. After that, I liked someone in office but I knew things won’t materialize and so it was just a complicated situation that I finally came out of. That’s it.

Rishi(surprised) : That’s it! Are you serious? Which of them was a relationship?

Miara(confused) : I am guessing both in some way.

Rishi : No you big baby! These are not relationships! These are just scenarios.

Miara: Okay maybe not in your world then but I really wished I had my first and last date with the same person. I feel that won’t happen exactly.

Rishi : You’re really innocent!

Miara (laughing) : Maybe. So you tell me about yourself. How many girlfriends have you had?

Rishi : Uhmm..I have had 3 serious girlfriends and some flings.

There was silence on the phone for a minute. Miara was shocked. Rishi didn’t know how to react.

Miara : Okkkaayyy (Okay). So why didn’t any of them materialize for a marriage?

Rishi : The first one was a juvenile relationship. I was 17. We went to different colleges. It died a silent death. The second one was a heartbreaking one because that girl left me for someone who was definitely a very stupid guy.

Miara laughed at his evident childish confidence that made him sound like a kid.

Rishi : What! He was actually a loser compared to me.

Miara : Oh Na na(no no). I am not mocking you. I am sure you must be better. Carry on.

Rishi : Thank you! So the third one was the most mature relationship I ever had. It ended because of long distance.

Miara : Oh I see.

Rishi : I mean, Why is it necessary to call everyday!

Miara(smiling) : Oh it isn’t.

Rishi : And the conversations also became so banal.

Miara : Don’t you think after a point of time all relationships boil down to asking about lunches and dinners ?

Rishi : I don’t mind that. It shows care. But I don’t think that a relation can work on calls. If talking to me is also not making that girl feel better, then something was going terribly wrong. So I decided to end it. But we’re still friends.

Miara : Okay. I see that. I am kind of feeling a little intimidated now!

Rishi : You don’t have to feel that way. Those were just some times when I went wrong. Actually, I was a miserable boyfriend.

Miara laughed.

Rishi : But I think I’ll be a good husband.

Miara : Isn’t that contradictory? You loved these women. You don’t even like me right now.

Rishi : Ya but then we will develop and endure the bond we share. Love will come. It’s not that hard to like you or love you.

Miara blushed.

Rishi : And sometimes, issues can be sorted out easily by sitting together over a cup of tea.

Miara smiled.

Miara : I see. By the way, you do know that shaadi is daal chawal for 50 saal till you die (marriage is like having pulses and rice only for 50 years till you die) right?

Rishi (laughing) : Yes I do.

Miara : Will you be able to do it?

Rishi : You know what, after all my failed relations, the only thing that I realized was that probably that was something I never wanted. Maybe I want to have a relation I can cherish forever.

Miara(with a calmness in her voice) : I see.I think we should sleep now.

Rishi : Ya we should. Good Night.

Miara : Good Night . By the way, do you know why it is important to call everyday?

Rishi : Why?

Miara : Because you mean a lot to that person.

Saying so, Miara hung up.

Rishi felt that Miara would’ve definitely had a wrong impression about him. He texted her.

Rishi : I guess you must be feeling I am such a womanizer. Are you really intimidated?

Miara : Oh you took me seriously! I am not intimidated. I am sorry for asking you so many questions. I just wanted to know why things didn’t work out before because I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. I want to be the person you’d want to come back to even after a long day 🙂

Warmth spread across Rishi’s heart as he understood the intent behind the many questions that Maira asked.

Rishi : You know that you’re a sweetheart right? 🙂

Miara : Oh I do 😉 but your re-iteration just made it sweeter 🙂

Rishi : I am glad 🙂

The next day was a weekend. Rishi had told Miara that he was going with his father for some work . Miara was lazily watching Game of Thrones. She received a call from Rishi around 4 pm. It was strange since she knew Rishi was busy.

Miara : Hey What’s up?

Rishi : Too much is up yaar. I am feeling so pissed off right now.

Miara (in a concerned tone) : What happened? All good?

Rishi : No. All’s not good. You know what work Papa had. He had to get a Puja(prayer) done at my new house. He had called some panditiji(priest). Since he knew I would start arguing had he told me the other night. So he just directly got me here.

Miara : Oh and you don’t like that?

Rishi : Yes I don’t but that is not all. He got my beard chopped because of which I look 20 now and if that was not enough, he asked me to wear dhoti. I don’t know how to wear it so that panditiji(priest) helped me to wear it and he molested me! I am telling you – I felt molested!

Miara started laughing.

Rishi : Chchchch..haso haso(laugh laugh). Laugh at my misery.

Miara(trying to stop) : I am sorry. It’s just that the vision of it is making me laugh.

Rishi : Ya ya. Why not. After all that Puja, I just ran away. I told Papa I need to take Jimmy out on a walk and escaped.

Miara : My poor kid. He must’ve been exhausted.

Rishi : Miara, I got all the arrangements done for puja, did that puja and you are still worried about this dog!

Miara(laughing) : I am sorry. i am concerned about you as well.

Rishi : I can see that. I am pretty sure that panditji has a crush on me. He was smirking at me.

Miara : Listen, you know you will face 10 times more issues when we get married.

Rishi : Why?

Miara : Because you’ll have to wear a dhoti during marriage too and you might have to change in front of everyone.

Rishi : Are you serious?

Miara : Ya didn’t you see your brother’s wedding?

Rishi : I did but he was so happy and relaxed that I didn’t bother to get into such details.

Miara : I see. Waise, I have a request. Even though my parents will try hard that everything is okay, there might be a lot of things that might go wrong and might piss you off as there will be a lot of relatives who would come to create some drama. Please don’t get angry or shout on anyone that day. It’s one day I would want to remember for good. If you face any issues,just come to me. Let me be your point of contact.

Rishi : Why do you think I would do that? I will never get angry. And just in case there is some mess up, we’ll find our khopcha(corner) and enjoy and let the others fight.

Miara smiled.

Miara : You’re really sweet.

Rishi : You might have to face somethings as well. After Mom’s demise, I have been with Dad most of the time. He is nice but sometimes..

Miara(cutting him off) : Listen, I don’t know where you are heading with this but let me just say something.Your dad has taken care of you for more than 29 years. I have just entered into your life. I can never take that space and respect & honestly, I don’t even want to. So, your priority should always be uncle before me. There are times when I might have a difference of opinion with uncle because accepting a new family is always different but you are the one who should come to me & order me to apologize to him. I won’t mind. AT ALL. EVER. I can just want a space for me in your heart. He is already there and I don’t want to get there. So it’ll always be him over me.

Rishi smiled as he heard ever word that Miara said. He didn’t expect such maturity from her.

Rishi : I don’t know what my context was but I got my answer. You’re amazing.

Miara (blushing and smiling) : See! You tell me you love the kid in me and yet the first time you’ve complimented me is the time when I have talked some sense.

Rishi laughed.

Miara : Waise, this holds just for Uncle, Bhabhi(sister in law) & Bhaiya(elder brother) . My place in your life should be above Jimmy at least.

Rishi : If someone needs to be worried about Jimmy’s position, it should be me. I think you will throw me out if he is around.

Miara : That could be the case. He is anyway my love.

Rishi : You love everybody except me.

Miara laughed.

As every conversation passed, they started getting to know each other better.

That night when Miara called, Rishi was very sleepy.

Miara : Listen, I think you are really tired. We’ll talk some other time.

Rishi : Chup be! Kitna formality karti hai!(Shut up. You are so formal). I want to talk. I am having a headache. I wish someone would massage my head. When my servant does it, it seems that he is taking out all his frustration on me.

Miara(laughing) : Oh he has all reasons to do so. By the way, I know how to massage one’s head for instant relief. I used to do it very often for my mother.

Rishi : Oh that is good to know. But what if I am turned on?

Miara : We’ll make a pact that the purpose is to make you feel relieved and nothing beyond that.

Rishi : But what if I am still turned on?

Miara : You have this amazing talent of bringing sex in such a subtle way in every conversation.

Rishi (laughing) : It is an important part of marriage. You know the reason why infidelity exists in a marriage is lack of communication – for both asexual and sexual reasons. People need to be clear about their thoughts.

Miara(in a faint voice) : Oh!

Rishi realized that Miara must’ve been a little uncomfortable by this conversation. However, he loved to tease Miara.

Rishi : I am feeling like a pedophile now.

Miara : Na Na (No No).It is not at all like that. I am an adult.

Rishi : Then can you split the word “Brahmin” for me?

Miara blushed. She didn’t know what to say.

Miara : No.

Rishi : Then you are a kid.

Miara : You seem to be really sleepy.

Rishi was indeed sleepy. There was a slur in his voice. Yet he wanted to keep talking.

Rishi : I know. But I want to confess something. I occasionally drink. I used to smoke. I quit that a year back. I had bigger issues to deal with. I am pretty sure you don’t.

Miara : I hope you don’t drink too often.

Rishi : No. Not too often.

Miara : Don’t worry. I have a plan. On the days that you drink, you won’t get to sleep with me & Jimmy. You’ll sleep outside all alone on the sofa.

Miara’s innocent answer made Rishi smile.

Rishi : But will you leave me in that sloshed state all alone?

Miara : No. I will take out your shoes. Ask if you’re okay. Give you lemon water if you’ll need it. The punishment will actually begin the next day.

Rishi : You know what, Sometimes, You’re irresistibly cute. You hate drinking right?

Miara : Yes but Do you know why I hate drinking?

Rishi : Why?

Miara : Because it can create severe health problems. For you, it may not be a concern but for me it is. I cannot see you going through the pain of being in the hospital. I don’t want to be a ruler. As long as it doesn’t impact your health, I have no problem.

Rishi : You are really sweet.

Miara : No. That is just me being me. And anyway, from a selfish point of view, it is good for me. I can take full advantage of you & ask you anything. Also, I have heard people become sweeter when they’re drunk.

RIshi : Arey, hum toh bilkul darling kism ke insaan ban jaate hai (Oh! I turn into a darling after I am drunk)

Miara : I don’t think I doubt that. I would love to see you sloshed once.

Rishi : Arey aap bas hukum karien (Oh you just order me once sometime)

Miara laughed.

Rishi : I will make another confession. I actually don’t like people who talk too much in English all the time as I feel they are pretentious. But I think I can hear you. Not once, not twice but for life.

Miara smiled .

Miara : I miss you.

Rishi : Ask me about it. I can see you by my side right now.

Miara took a deep breath. It seemed like romance had engulfed them in a digital bubble.

Miara : I think you should sleep now. Good Night.

Rishi : Good Night .

Rishi called around 12 am the next day.

Miara : Hey, had dinner?

Rishi : No. I had coffee and a burger. I am not feeling hungry. I am sure the maid would’ve cooked something bland.

Miara : Before knowing you, I always felt that knowing cooking was not a compulsion but now I do feel that I need to know how to cook else you will never eat at home.

Rishi : You know I am fed up of eating outside. I really don’t like it now. I want to have Dal Chawal (Pulses & Rice) but I don’t have a choice. She cooks really bad food.

Miara : I better start learning how to cook.

Rishi : Don’t worry. We’ll manage.

Miara : By the way, where are you? I can hear some cars.

Rishi : I am driving.

Miara : What! Then why are you calling me. It’s not safe. Hang up. Hang up!

Rishi : Oh Ms. Conscious! I am talking via bluetooth & stop boring me now. The weather is so amazing. I want to sing a song for you.

Miara : Oh really? Please go on.

Rishi started singing some Hindi songs & regional songs he knew Miara disliked in a really funny voice.Miara laughed for a while.

Miara : Will you shut up now? Is that a move to turn me off ?

Rishi : Baby Doll, this is how I can be. You will have to get used to this “Melody”.

Miara : Chchchchc..

Rishi : By the way, I could totally kill it if I sung it the way I did in college.

Miara : Don’t worry. You have still totally “Killed it”.

Rishi started laughing & he continued singing till the time he reached home.

Rishi : Miara, forget this marriage thing yaar. Let’s go on a long drive. 5000 Km. Just you and me. We’ll have crazy fun.

Miara : The idea is pretty amazing but you will have both of us killed.

Rishi : Uff! You are boring. Anyway, I have reached home. I will change and give you a call in 10 minutes.

Miara waited for his call. He didn’t call. She texted – No reply. She called – no reply. Miara was confused as to what happened. She felt concerned.

Next day, she got a text.

Rishi : Hey, Good Morning. I was with a friend last night. So I couldn’t call.

Miara : Oh! That’s fine.

But it wasn’t fine in Miara’s head. She felt a little angry as she felt he could’ve dropped a text at least. That evening, as she was walking back from office around 7:30 pm, she got a call from Rishi.

Rishi : Hi what’s up?

Miara : I am good. By the way, do I have the right to be angry on you?

Rishi : By all means. But hear me out. Actually, post our call, my friend called. He was in a predicament as he felt that his girlfriend had expired. She had left such texts. I went with him to look out for her and see if everything is okay. I have been feeling so low today.

Miara instantly felt guilty for being angry on him.

Miara (in a softer tone) : Oh I am sorry. I thought you should’ve atleast texted. I was up for 2 hours expecting your call. Is everything okay now?

Rishi : Yes it is. Now you know what it was. Itna kisi movie mein sunke bande ko guilt sex mil jaata.(After hearing this,a guy would’ve got guilt sex)

Miara(laughing) : You & your obsession with this thing.

Rishi : You know I was talking to this colleague of mine today. He is 37 – married,has kids. I asked him if marriage brings happiness. He said that it just adds a new dimension to your life.

Miara : That is true. So any change of plans about getting married?

Rishi : Sometimes, I feel I should go to Himalayas and just meditate.

Miara : So are you okay with celibacy?

Rishi : Wahi toh problem hai yaar (That’s the problem) If I go there, I will die a virgin. No sex. I don’t want that. Toh shaadi kar lete hai(So I think i should marry)

Miara (laughing) : Oh I see. But you know what, after a point of time, Sex will seem like an exercise.

Rishi started laughing.

Rishi : How can you call it an exercise?!

Miara : See, even a famous celebrity had once said that sex without love is worse than masturbation. After some years, couples lose that love in life. So even this seems like an exercise.

Rishi : Oh!! Ya that makes sense.

Miara’s roommate was walking by and gestured her to come up.

Miara (to her roommate) : I will come in 1o minutes. (talking to Rishi) – Sorry. I was just talking to my roommate.

Rishi : So you come in 10 minutes?

Miara : Chchchchc.. you are one filthy man. So, are you feeling any better?

Rishi : Ya did a lot of sex talk. I feel good now.

They both started laughing .

Miara : Have a good dinner.

Rishi : I will. And thanks for listening to me. I didn’t mean any of it seriously. You know that.

Miara : I do. Relax. Have a great night.

The next day was a hectic day for Miara. She had gone out on a visit. Rishi, on the other hand, was absolutely free. He was missing Miara. It had been 8 pm and yet, there had been no call from her. Rishi texted

Rishi : Hey, are you busy?

Miara : Ya! I am sorry. I don’t know why I have had a really busy day..

Rishi : How about a quick 2 minute video call?

Miara was not too sure as there were too many people around her. However, she felt that refusing would be too rude.

Miara : Okay.

Rishi called. She looked at him and smiled but somebody called Miara and within a minute she disconnected.

Rishi : Everything okay?

Miara didn’t reply for quite some time. After almost an hour she replied.

Miara : My boss is near me. So I disconnected.

Rishi felt hurt as Miara didn’t even care to apologize.

Miara : So what did you have for dinner?

Rishi : I will have something. You take care. We’ll catch up when it’s a good time.

Miara : Why not now?

Rishi : I don’t think it is a good time.

Miara could instantly feel some tension. She realized that she had been rude to Rishi. She didn’t know how to fix this. That night when she called, Rishi didn’t pick up. That increased the restlessness in her. She texted the next day.

Miara : I am sorry.

Rishi : You don’t have to be sorry. All’s okay. Have a great day.

This made Miara all the more upset. She knew all was not okay. That night when she called, Rishi picked up.

Miara (in a cautious tone) : Hi. How are you?

Rishi : I am good. How was your day?

Miara : It was okay. Had dinner?

Rishi : Yes.

Miara : What did you have?

Rishi : Dal Chawal.

Miara wanted to pull his leg because she always insisted him to have homemade food but owing to the friction she could feel between them, she decided to keep shut. After half an hour of a monosyllabic conversation, she finally mustered courage to speak up.

Miara : Rishi, I know you are upset from me. Please shout and me but get over this. It’s making me feel miserable. You had promised that we’ll be open to each other about everything. This is not the way to deal with it.

Rishi : Had it been anyone else, I would’ve shouted on that person but with you, I don’t feel like doing so.

Miara : Rishi, PLEASE just shout on me but end this. You have no idea how guilty I have been feeling. I am sorry. I honestly don’t understand what went wrong very clearly but anyway, I am really sorry. Please forgive me.

Rishi genuinely started feeling bad.

Rishi : That’s okay. Chill. I didn’t want to ask it but still, just for once, can you explain your side of the story?

Miara explained the scenario.

Rishi : All right. There might’ve been a difference of understanding then.

Miara : Ya.

He could sense sadness in Miara’s tone. They disconnected the call within a few minutes. Miara was almost on the verge of crying when she received a picture of his wall with 2 guitars with a question : So which one do you like?

Miara knew Rishi was trying to cheer her up. Her respect for Rishi increased.

Miara : I like both 🙂 I don’t know which one to pick.

Rishi : Oh by the way, have you seen a chila hua murga (a hen without feathers) ?

Miara : No.

Rishi : Then it is time you see one. Dad got my beard chopped again and i couldn’t look funnier.

Miara : Haha 😛 But why would you want me to see you that way?

Rishi : To cheer you up 😀 Now stop wasting time. I am calling you.

Miara : No wait wait. Let me switch on my laptop for a proper view. These front cameras make me look fat.

Rishi : Ahaan..Laptop 😉

Miara : Yes . Laptop.

Rishi : First of Lap and then on top 😉

Miara : And you’re back 😉

They switched on their laptops. Rishi was looking younger because of the lack of beard. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and pyjamas. Miara was wearing a striped black and white top with cute pink shorts. Her hair hung open.

When they looked at each other, Miara couldn’t stop blushing.

Rishi (looking at Miara on the screen) : So Madame, you can laugh as much as you want.

Miara : But you’re not looking funny. Just a little younger maybe. But not funny for sure.

Rishi : You look hot. That’s for sure.

Miara blushed again and looked away.

Rishi : So can you split “Brahmin” for me?

Miara(laughing and blushing) : No.

Miara noticed that Rishi had an Iphone.

Miara : Oh so you belong to the i-phone class.

Rishi (laughing and showing her the phone) : Oh Yeah.

Miara : Rich people in Life.

Rishi : What rich ! I want i-phone 8 . The only thing I can afford right now is its picture.

Miara laughed. They talked for another 5 minutes.

Miara texted Rishi.

Miara : Thanks a lot for your call. Meant a lot to me.

Rishi : I didn’t want you to be upset 🙂

Miara : Thank you 🙂 P.S : Please lie properly the next time. I could see some exposure there.

Rishi : Oh really? I wish I had known that you were noticing. I would have exposed properly 😉

Miara : Haha 😛

The next night, Rishi had disconnected Miara’s call abruptly and didn’t bother to call for a very long time. He knew she would be upset even though she didn’t say anything. Rishi texted her in the morning.

Rishi : Good Morning 🙂 What’s up?

Miara : Nothing Much. Just having breakfast 🙂

Rishi : Oh how’s the weather?

Miara : It’s pleasant.

Rishi sent a picture of Jimmy.

Miara : Oh My God !! He is just soo cute! ❤ He totally takes my heart away every single time. This totally cheered me up! 😀 Thank you 🙂

Rishi : Insaan chahe kitni koshish kar le, ant mein kutta hi jeet jaata hai :/ (No Matter how hard a man tries, it’s the dog who wins at the end.)

Miara : Haha 😛 They are gifted.

Rishi : And I am jealous! 😛

That night when Miara called, Rishi texted her that he wasn’t well and was at the hospital. She got all worried for him. An hour later, he gave her a call.

Miara : Hey what happened?!

Rishi : Nothing much . I just had acidity which led to chest pain but Papa panicked and so he sent me here. I came with a friend.

Miara : Is everything okay now?

Rishi : Oh Ya Ya. I am fine. I am at a restaurant. I am just angry on the doctor. He did an ECG and there was nothing.

Miara : What is wrong with you! That’s good na(know). I am glad there was nothing.

Rishi : Yaar but he gave me Pantop D. I know the medicine. I requested to give me something more. At least i would have felt that going to a doctor was of some worth!

Miara (laughing) : You are one big crazy kid.

Rishi : I can’t tell you how upset I am. Anyway, I just hope the soup is good enough.

Miara : Oh you ordered soup. You please start having homemade food. This entire problem is due to that.

Rishi : Ah! I will try.

Miara could hear Rishi’s friend enter.

Miara : I think your friend has come. We’ll catch up later.

Rishi : We can talk. He’s pretty cool.

Miara : That is sweet of him but he came with you. It’s rude to talk to me right now. I am hanging up.

Rishi : Why do you have to be so sweet !

Miara : Shut up. Bye Bye.

Rishi(smiling) : Bye.

Next week was Rishi’s Birthday. It was around 11:30 pm. Miara called him.

Miara : Hi!

Rishi : Hi Miara.. How are you?

There was a slur in his voice.

Miara : Are you okay?

Rishi : Oh ya I am good. Just a little drunk. My friend got Chivas Regal. I didn’t even remember it is my birthday. When my brother called and told me,then it struck me.

Miara knew that he might be upset and would be missing his mother. She was glad to know that he had company.

Miara : It’s good to know that you have company. We’ll catch up later.

Rishi : Arey sun na Miara. Tumhe itni jaldi kyun hoti hai phone kaatne ki? (Listen Miara. Why are you in a hurry to disconnect the phone) Listen to this song.

Gulon mein rang bhare
Baad-e-naubahaar chale
Gulon mein rang bhare
Baad-e-naubahaar chale

The lyrics of the song made Miara realize the depth of his sadness in his pretence of being okay.She didn’t know how to react.

Rishi : I love this song. I think I am high.

Miara was getting increasingly uncomfortable.

Miara : Rishi, I think you should be with your friend right now. We’ll catch up.

Rishi(reluctantly) : Okay.

At around 1 am, Rishi called Miara.

Rishi : This is my first drunk call to you. See, I will tell you something. I like talking to you.

Miara : I like talking to you too Rishi. Are you okay?

Rishi : I am absolutely fine. You wanted a drunk call from me na. Here it is. Ask me anything. And listen, please don’t go out with drunk guys. They are idiots! You’re too sweet.

Miara felt happiness in her heart by his concern.

Miara : I won’t. Don’t worry. Okay. Tell me something. How important is it for you to be with a pretty girl in life?

Rishi : When I was a juvenile, maybe it mattered but right now, It doesn’t. I just want to be with someone with whom I can be comfortable and happy. I can’t bother thinking constantly about how I look right from the time I get up in the morning. So i won’t expect the same.

Miara : Okay I see.

Rishi : And I am not being idealistic. I am too high to make things up.

Miara : All right.

Rishi’s phone had constant calls from a junior of his who had messed up big time in office.

Rishi : Listen, I need to take this call. Please hold on.

By Mistake, Rishi merged the call and started scolding that junior in a very subtle yet logical way.He used some expletives that made the whole conversation funny. Maira put the phone on mute and laughed hard. After a while

Rishi : Oh I merged the call! Only now I saw! I am sorry you had to hear all that! Tumhare kaan shudh kar diye maine (I purified your ears) . But in my defence, he did act like an ass and he needed this.

Miara (laughing) : What if I say i was a little turned on?

Rishi (in an amused voice) : Really?

Miara : Ya it was interesting to hear that but now I am a little scared too. I feel someday I will be on that side of the call.

Rishi : Are you crazy? He made a grave mistake that might ruin his career. Besides,He means nothing to me.You mean a lot. I would never do that!

Miara could feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach.

Miara : Okay. What is your fantasy?

Rishi : Any fantasy?

Miara : Yes but don’t delve to deep into it.

Rishi giggled.

Rishi : Well, my fantasy is that after the whole act of sex, we don’t sleep facing our back towards each other. We should cuddle each other and stay up all night. Till dawn.

Miara (in a softer voice) : That’s sweet.

Rishi : I want to have Dal chawal.

Miara : I wish i could make it right now.

Rishi : Miara, please don’t leave me alone when I am drunk. If I drink, will you not make Dal Chawal for me?

Miara smiled.

Miara : I will. I definitely will.

Rishi : Thank you. Chalo, I don’t think I can be up any longer. Good night.

Miara : Good Night.

Miara typed a funny yet beautiful birthday message for him. It said :

Hello My Friend :),

Happy Birthday !! 🙂

May God shower his choicest blessings on one of his naughtiest creations 😉

It’s been 51 days of knowing you (see I finally calculated something :P) . Never realized that time flied. My thoughts are still stuck to the guy who could not manage to look up even when “he” was the centre of attraction during our “Interesting” Meet with our parents 😉

Knowing you has been an interesting journey 🙂

Apart from the qualities that are obviously charming about you like your wit or the respect you have towards your family, there are many other things that are oddly charming about you like the effortless & entertaining way in which you use expletives and then you slip in a cute “Please don’t mind the language” note ;).

Or your aversion towards English despite being SOO good at it 🙂

Also, you’ve almost kept your promise of elevating the “interesting quotient” every time we have talked 🙂 (if you remember the context)

So, from a guy who asked could barely talk to me & asked whether I am non vegetarian or not in front of my family to a guy who’s made me laugh almost endless times with his witty humor , you’ve come a long way in a short time 😉 🙂
The score is probably Miara – 0 Rishi – Unparalleled 😉 🙂 (But that doesn’t mean that I will give up 😉 )
May you get everything you want in life (I can actually write a lot of things here but then I sure you would know;)) and May your life be full of colors of happiness and love 🙂

Also, May your one true love (Audi/BMW/a fancy car 😛 ) invade your parking space soon 😀

Keep chuckling and laughing (your endorphins can help people in more ways than you can think 😉 :))
Stay Blessed 🙂

When Rishi read the message in the morning, he couldn’t stop smiling.

Rishi : This was the sweetest message I have got! Thank you so much!! 🙂 Also, please forgive me if I said something wrong yesterday night. Birthday samjh ke chod dena(forgive me considering it’s my birthday)

Miara called Rishi.

Miara : Good Morning. Happy Birthday.

Rishi : thank you.

Miara : So are you planning to join one of those laughing clubs?

Rishi : What!

Miara : Come on. You are 60 now. For healthy lungs, you should join a laughing club.

Rishi started laughing.

Rishi : Oh ya. I feel 60.

Miara : I hope there is no hairfall and teeth fall.

Rishi (laughing) : No. Bas aapki kripa hai (It’s your blessings)

Rishi : You know what, my friend told me that it is my birthday and I am a princess today. So I should pamper the princess in me.

Miara : Oh you should definitely do that. Happy birthday Princess.

Rishi : Thank you!

Rishi didn’t know he was in for more surprises. He got a parcel. It had a box of chocolates with a note on it :
“ Since I couldn’t afford an i-Phone 8, here are some simple chocolates for you to smile today 🙂 ”

It also had a box of biscuits for Jimmy with a note on it :

“For the one I actually had a crush on 😉 ”

Rishi couldn’t stop smiling. Miara’s little gestures touched his heart.

Around afternoon, he received a cake. It was a custom cake with an i-phone on it with a message “ With a good wish that this is yours someday soon :)”

None of this had Miara’s name on it. In the evening, Rishi called Miara.

Rishi : Did you send all that?

Miara : No.

Rishi : Please bata na (tell)

Miara : No I didn’t send anything. What are you talking about?

After some pestering, she finally accepted that she had sent it.

Rishi : Thank you so much for everything Miara .

Miara : And this is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you. Have a nice evening but please don’t thank me.

Rishi : All right but it did make me feel really good.

Miara : I am glad.

He spent the evening with his friends.

Rishi and Miara had realized that through these conversations, they had come very close to each other. One weekend , when Rishi’s father decided to pay a visit to his brother, Rishi decided to go and meet Miara.

Miara : I think you always have food from restaurants. Why don’t have Dal chawal with me at my flat?

Rishi : It’ll be my pleasure.

Miara got up at 6 am to do all the arrangements. She made a variety of dishes. She given Rishi a time of 1:30 pm. However, he came at 1 pm dressed well in a red checkered shirt and jeans. Miara was in a pink tank top and floral shorts. Miara was surprised.

Miara : Hi. You came early.

Rishi : I couldn’t keep a girl waiting.

Miara : That’s fine but I didn’t even change.

Rishi : I am glad.

Miara blushed.

Miara : You and your subtle hints. Wait. Let me warm the food and then we’ll have it.

Rishi sat on the kitchen slab and adored Miara as she warmed the food. She looked at him.

Miara : Stop staring.

Rishi : I can look in these eyes forever.

Miara looked at him and took a deep breath. He gently pulled her towards him and put his arms around her waist.

Rishi : Why did you do so much?

Miara : Because It’s you.

Sparks of love flew in the air. They kept looking at each other. Bubbles of the sabzi broke Miara’s attention and gaze. She quickly warmed everything & they had food. Post that, Miara asked

Miara : Would you care for a slow dance?

Rishi : Ya Ya but the song should be of my preference.

Miara :Oh sure.

He played the song :

I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight


They looked at each other as every word sunk in them.

Rishi : You know what. Sometimes, you should just listen to your parents. You were their choice. I agreed. I think that was the best thing I ever did.

Miara blushed and took a deep breath.

Miara : I am sorry. I don’t have a drink for you.

Rishi : I have your eyes. They are intoxicating enough. I don’t need a drink.

Miara gulped,felt shy and looked away.

Miara : I want you to be my princess. The princess, I want to pamper each day. The princess whose tantrums I want to enjoy. The princess whose demands I want to fulfill.

Rishi kissed Miara’s forehead as they tightened their interlocked wrists.

Rishi : You know what, every time I am with you I feel like being a better man.

Miara : I think I am falling for you.

Rishi : I know I have fallen for you.

They smiled.

Rishi leaned forward and kissed Miara. They locked each other in each others’ arms as they felt the warmth of love spread across their hearts.

After a while,they were sat on Miara’s long sofa. Miara had got really tired working since morning.

She put her head on his lap. He gently brushed her hair. She tried hard to be up but before long, Miara fell asleep. She looked like an innocent child as she slept. Rishi had to go. He gently put a pillow under her head and a bedsheet to cover her.

He left chocolates and a note for her.

Rishi :
Thank you so much for everything! Like I said, I am glad I listened to my parents & my Instincts. I had a wonderful day. I couldn’t have asked for more. I couldn’t wake you up. You already did too much. Don’t worry. As my present, I have taken Gajar ka Halwa from your fridge. I am sure we’ll both be making it in the same kitchen someday soon.



When Miara woke up and read the note, she had tears of happiness in her eyes. It was a day well spent that brought them even more close to each other.

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